Broad Cast Rental

Wireless Transmission

Make: Nimbus

Model: 5150A

Nimbus 5150A is a compact wireless device, a transmitter & receiver pair which operates up to 1500m in line of sight. The device supports most of the SDI formats and with HDMI & digital interface. Features0

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Bluefish444 Supernova S+

The BlueFish444 Supernova S+ highly reliable, unique one of its kind PCIe I/O card with four bi-directional BNC connectors that accept 3G/HD/SD-SDI signals. With a total of six BNC connectors, the fifth BNC can be used as0

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Matrox XMIO2

Matrox XMIO2 is a developer series card that is support by OEM’s across the global due to its high reliability feature. XMIO2 featuring its built-in fail-safe mechanisms add a unique new dimension for broadcast equipment. XMIO2 includes0

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hp z840

The Z840 Workstation gives more power to you, Push your computing boundaries with the HP Z840 Workstation. Built for high-end computing and visualization, it delivers outstanding performance in one of the industry's most expandable chassis. The HP0

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Speech to text

Speeches are powerful when delivered in the language we are proficient, why not make it available to all who would want to participate in the same. Transcribe audio to text is the latest requirement as we connect0

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Ericsson RX8200

Ericsson Video Decoder Rental

Broadcasters' requirements for differing equipment configurations and the many and varied ways in which receivers are used is driving the need for a flexible receiver platform.0

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