Broad Cast Rental

Niagara Go Stream Mini 100

Social media is one of the platforms which keeps us connected, content streaming on social media platforms as facebook, youtube, Instagram, etc play a pivot role to reach out to audience across the globe. As the virtual0

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COMSTAR Full Duplex Wireless Talkback Intercom System Rental

The COMSTAR Full Duplex Wireless Intercom System from Eartec is a fully-functional wireless intercom that offers full duplex communication in a simple design that does not require the0

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Cellular bonding is the concept in which internet is made available as long as cell signal is feasible. The device aggregates the internet sources of SIM and Ethernet, if available to make the best available internet strength.0

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AJA KiPro Ultra

AJA Ki Pro Ultra Plus allows for four channels of simultaneous recording in up to 1080p60/50, as well as single channel recording and playback of DCI 4K, Ultra HD 4K, 2K, and HD signals. Ki Pro Ultra0

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Make: Tektronix Model: SPG 300 The Tektronix SPG300, SD Sync GeneratorHalf Rack provides synchronization and test signals for both traditional analog and mixed digital and analog facilities, in both NTSC/525 and PAL/625 environments. The product is ideal0

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Air Server Lite-Widepath

Air Server Lite – An European playout server which delivers a simple and effective playout solution for 24/7 requirements of a channel. Air server comes with a bundle of features as SD/HD playout with automatic up/down conversion,0

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