Broad Cast Rental

Broadcast Rental

Technical solutions for your broadcast requirement

Who Are We?

Hertz Broadcast Private Limited has its rental division which is fully-equipped with equipment, niche manpower equipment requirement with technical know-how.

We at Hertz believe that broadcast requirements can be of two types – planned and unplanned – and we perfectly can handle both situations with ease. Planned events, project requirement, substitutes, test& try can be booked in advance with variables suiting your prerequisite whether it be for a day, week or month.

For Unplanned break downs, last minute blackouts, change in requirement you can still count on as we can deliver you the best solution without much workflow edit.

Broadcast field seems to adapt with technology change and needs, and Hertz is on its toes to make the best custom solution to your needs be it small or big. A channel to be aired on rental be it PCR, MCR or Production requirement name it we have the prefect equipment on hand to support.

Production or postproduction we can supply the hardware or software related solutions delivered to your needs. Our technical know-how and equipment base is extensive which can deliver solutions with minimal or no modification in workflow.

Glues, Production equipment, switchers, prompters, playout, ingest, converters, IO cards, recorders& players, a mini green mat set-up, ……. We have them on our list. We believe in providing support and solutions for broadcaster, post production and event company as a rental division. Please reach out for your requirements and would be happy to associate for short- or long-term projects.

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