Broad Cast Rental

Wireless Transmission

Make: Nimbus

Model: 5150A

Nimbus 5150A is a compact wireless device, a transmitter & receiver pair which operates up to 1500m in line of sight. The device supports most of the SDI formats and with HDMI & digital interface. Features of 5150A are H.264, Baseline profile with level 4.2, Zero delay (10ms), end-to-end (30ms), H.264 engine and Transmission of 1080p60 HDMI over Wi-Fi. Additionally, 5150A supports Live streaming from DSLR, Camcorder over Wi-Fi  which includes Full HD live streaming server on transmitter and RTSP streaming server (RTP/UDP). The compact size of the device makes it user-friendly for various application in broadcast, as Drone/UAV Video transmission, Wireless ENG/DSLR Camera, Digital signage, wireless Kiosk, as well as medical imaging.

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