Broad Cast Rental

Telephone Hybrid

Make: Telos

Model: Hx1

Telos Hx1 is a single-line POTS telephone hybrid, one of the most advanced hybrids developed for interface with analog phone lines at studios/ live environment / live connects. Telos hybrids are known for superior audio quality0

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Video Capture

Make: AJA

Model: Corvid44

AJA Crovid44, single PCle card, developer series card  with access up to four simultaneous SDI input or output streams perfect for a wide variety of broadcast applications. Corvid44 supports formats as 4K (4096 x 2160) and0

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Make: HP

Model: Z6

HP Z6  with 2 x Xeon 4210 Silver, 32GB , 4TB HDD, P2000 graphics card and Windows 10 PRO OS. The HP Z6 G4 desktop workstation is designed with powerful single socket technology, which fits up0

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Commercial Integrated Receiver Decoder

Make: Harmonic

Model: ProView 8100

Harmonic ProView 8100 belongs to the Harmonic ProView™ 8000 family of integrated receiver-decoders and the first member to feature single-channel commercial decoder and descrambler. Proview 8100 is compact & fully featured for primary distribution applications.0

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Video IO card

Make: DVS

Model: ATOMIX LT 2.0

DVS Atomix LT2.0 a video IO card which supports high performance video applications. Atomix supports two independent multi-rate SDI inputs and outputs with up to 3.0 Gbps.  Additionally the card facilitates for Programmable up/downscaler0

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IP Encoder

Make: Fujitsu

Model: IP -920E

Fujitsu IP-920E is a compact and light weight encoder with features enabled to stream video seamlessly and simultaneously without having to feel the distances. IP-920E performs real-time transmission of SD and HD audio/ video codes0

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