Broad Cast Rental

Universal Audio Video Processor

Make: Miranda Model: XVP-1801The XVP-1801 is a high-quality, HD/SD up/down/cross converter and video/audio signal processor, with AFD support and background keying. The superior conversion quality of the XVP at both 50 and 59.94 Hz stems from multiple technologies, including advanced0

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Make: Placid Vision Model: PVD-2160PUHD/HD/SD CONTRIBUTION DECODERPVD-2160P decoder is MULTICODEC IP decoder. MEDIA-ENGINE utilizes next generation HEVC and AVC codec to decode the compressed stream. STREAM-RX handles packet recovery, sequencing and presentation of video information. MULTI-PATH delivery0

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HD/SDI Video Distribution Amplifier

Make: Miranda Model: HDA-1822The HDA-1822 is a high-definition serial digital video distribution amplifier. The HDA-1822 has one input, and 9 outputs, with automatic equalization for up to 110 meters of cable (Belden 1694a) at 1.48 Gbps. The0

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Ericsson Video Encoder Rental

Make: Ericsson Model: AVP4000A compact 1RU form factor offers up to six hot swappable option slots, for combinations of encoding and auxiliary modules. Dual power supplies protect services and an on-board0

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ASI to IP and IP to ASI module and it can pass SD-SDI over IP via dual GigE interface

Make: Evertz Model: 7800 IP-ASI-IP ASI/SDI IP Encapsulator The 7880IP-ASI-IP is a complete hardware-based solution to transform ASI to IP, IP to ASI. Module can also pass SD SDI over IP via Dual GigE interface. The 7880IP-ASI-IP0

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Make: Fujitsu Model: IP -9500e The Fujitsu IP-9500 high performance encoder is field proven by global television networks to provide superior performance over a wide range of encoded data rates, making it highly suitable for applications ranging0

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