Broad Cast Rental

ASI to IP and IP to ASI module and it can pass SD-SDI over IP via dual GigE interface

Make: Evertz Model: 7800 IP-ASI-IP ASI/SDI IP Encapsulator The 7880IP-ASI-IP is a complete hardware-based solution to transform ASI to IP, IP to ASI. Module can also pass SD SDI over IP via Dual GigE interface. The 7880IP-ASI-IP can also regenerate IP from IP input with different settings and add FEC. As more providers are trying to deliver contribution and distribution quality video over IP networks, the 7880IP-ASI-IP is capable of bridging traditional compressed world (ASI) with the standard IP networks. The 7880IP-ASI-IP offers signal providers the capability to encapsulate MPEG-2 transport stream payload to a unicast or multicast standardized IP stream. The 7880IP-ASI-IP is also capable of receiving IP stream and re-create ASI stream. For contribution application, the 7880IP-ASI-IP offers industry standard FEC support for encapsulation or de-encapsulation.

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