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Ericsson Video Encoder Rental

Make: Ericsson Model: AVP4000A compact 1RU form factor offers up to six hot swappable option slots, for combinations of encoding and auxiliary modules. Dual power supplies protect services and an on-board video monitor gives instant operator feedback. AVP 4000 system encoder answers all those needs, delivering high quality system encoding for IPTV, Cable, Satellite and Broadcast. A common toolset that allows media organisations with differing encoding applications, to deploy AVP in a wide range of roles, including Contribution, Primary Distribution and delivery to the consumer.


Yes, it is designed to be compatible with various streaming platforms, making it versatile for different broadcasting and streaming requirements.

The rental cost may vary depending on the rental duration, additional services required, and the rental provider's pricing structure. Please get in touch with us for specific pricing details.

Rental duration extension is subject to availability and rental policies. Please communicate your requirements with us in advance to discuss the possibility of extending the rental duration.

If you encounter a technical issue with the Ericsson AVP4000 IP encoder during rental, contact us immediately for assistance, troubleshooting, and possible replacement or repairs, depending on the issue and our rental policies.

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