Broad Cast Rental


Make: Fujitsu Model: IP -9500e The Fujitsu IP-9500 high performance encoder is field proven by global television networks to provide superior performance over a wide range of encoded data rates, making it highly suitable for applications ranging from low data rate 30Mbps in 4:2:2 format. It is also highly suited to IP backhaul where a high degree of protection and fidelity is afforded to high value content. The IP-9500 high performance encoder utilizes advanced Fujitsu technology to provide industry standard MPEG-4 AVC encoding for real-time transmission of HD/SD content at the highest bandwidth efficiency. Powerful error correction and retransmission technology protect the integrity over IP networks by preventing corruption and loss of data. The IP-9500 provides field proven superior performance and robustness making it perfectly suited for demanding fixed site operations

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