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Video Router – Evertz

Make: Evertz

Model: XE8–128×128

XE8-128×128 is housed in a 8RU frame with 128 – sources to 128 – destinations. Additional input and output modules can be installed into the router at any time. The XE8-128×128  has internal Frame Controller module which supports 4x Q–Link ports, 2x Ethernet ports and 2x Serial ports mounted on the rear of the router. The xenon router offer number of control options Remote Control Panel as well as external thirty part control device which could connect through the router’s serial port. Xenon supports 3G, HD, SD and ASI video routing. Xenon features supports Stereo Audio router – AES and Analog Audio routing as well. Features include – Multiple signal formats within a single frame, All outputs can switch in one TV frame, Dual reference inputs, Advanced audio features including Soft Switching, Dolby–E™ signal compatible, Redundant internal controllers,  CleanSwitch option (SPT Module).

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