Broad Cast Rental

Teradek receiving Sputnik Server

Make: Teradek

Model: Sputnik Server

Teradek cellular bonding solution is not complete without the Sputnik Server. The server utilises the sputnik software application for bonding between unit and stream destination. The compatibility of the application is worth-mentioning as it is designed to Sputnik is to run on a Linux computer either in the cloud (using Amazon EC2 services), or on a local server with a single, publicly addressable TCP port. This application recombines various video packets and feeds from unit into a consistent stream sent to H.264 decoder or can be played back online. The server requires a static public IP address in the network for its functionality. The web GUI user provides extensive control over may parameters of connected Teradek IP video devices. Sputnik integrates with Core a cloud- based encoder system which facilitates unique drag and drop workflow to direct video feeds from any encoder to any number of decoders real-time.

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