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Teradek – HEVC – Portable Video Transmission Backpack (Live Streaming)

Make: Teradek

Model: Bond 759 HEVC Backpack with 4 x Node II LTE/4G/3G Modules

Teradek Bond 759 provides all in one streaming solutions anywhere on the go solution for broadcasters on-the-go seeking the best in signal reception and video quality. Bond Backpack Node II: Teradek’s high-performance LTE/4G/3G wearable bonding solution gives you national band coverage and universal cellular SIM card compatibility. This backpack supports wireless reception with built-in modems which greatly enhanced with high gain antenna attached in the interior of the backpack, that too a total of four with inclusion of four Node IIs.  The internal Li-ion battery will give you 5 minutes of operation while you swap power sources in case your gold mount battery goes dry. The unit takes roughly around 20 seconds to go live, come with an encoder which supports HEVC with bitrates up to 30 Mb/s with both HDMI and 3G-SDI inputs.

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