Broad Cast Rental

Studio Teleprompter

Teleprompter can assist professionals across industry to deliver content with confidence without memorizing. Videos or delivery of content captivate when eye contact is right. To achieve the same, we have in our rental division, studio teleprompter which can be used for delivery of content for videos and presidential / speech teleprompters which could come handy to address a participant in any gathering. What comes in the package? – Teleprompter – Tripod for teleprompter – Prompter software – Engineer for set-up and prompting


A presidential teleprompter typically consists of two glass panels mounted on stands on either side of the stage or podium. In contrast, a studio teleprompter is usually a freestanding device placed closer to the camera lens.

Yes, teleprompter apps allow you to use your smartphone or tablet as a display device. However, ensure compatibility with the rental teleprompter or discuss options with us.

There are generally no teleprompter restrictions unless specified by the venue or event organizer. It's always a good practice to check beforehand with the venue or production team.

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