Broad Cast Rental

Streaming Encoder

Make: Ensemble Design

Model: BrightEye NXT 445

The BrightEye NXT445 a streaming encoder capable of producing simultaneous transport streams including one high- resolution and one low-resolution unicast, multicast and DVB-ASI stream. BightEye NXT test signal generator allows black & bars to be routed without removing valuable inputs. The front LCD display represents full motion video of source, audio meters and the source which is directed to a destination. The device can be full controlled which including routing & setup through the front panel. Additionally the same functionality is virtually available anywhere through a browser-enabled device PC, Workstation, Ipads, Iphone or Android devices. This device being basically a high Quality, Hight Profile MPEG Encoder has additional licenses enabled Automatic Up/Down/Cross Format Conversion and Instantaneous Clean Switching & Mixing, Decoding Option and Fiber, HDMI, Analog, and Additional SDI I/Os.

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