Broad Cast Rental

SDI or HD-SDI Video with 4 Channel Analog or AES Audio Fiber Transmitter

Wireless Video Transmitter Rental

Make: Evertz Model: 7707ADVT13-HD Analog, SDI-SDI or HD-SDI Video with 4/Channel Analog or AES Audio Fiber Transmitter. Single card fiber optic transmitter for one composite Analog, SD-SDI or HD-SDI video and four analog or AES audio signals. Auto-sensing (analog or digital) video and audio inputs. Supports both NTSC and PAL analog video. Supports Analog to Digital and Digital to Analog audio conversion. Broadcast quality analog video and audio performance.


You can rent a wireless video transmitter in Chennai from our website.

You can connect multiple cameras to the transmitter using SDI or HD-SDI cables.

This transmitter is compatible with various video formats, including SDI and HD-SDI.

To book the rental, visit our website and navigate to the equipment page for the Broadcast Glues-SDI or HD-SDI Video with 4-Channel Analog or AES Audio Fiber Transmitter. Follow the instructions to complete the booking process.

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