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Presidential Teleprompter

15” teleprompter for prompting at live events Presidential Teleprompter is known by different names Conference Teleprompter, Speech Prompter, and even stage Teleprompter. Presidential Teleprompters ease the delivery of content in both a recorded or live event especially when audience is involved and the eye contact with audience plays a vital role. This device features mirror made of beam-splitter glass that are mounted on stand, reflecting the content which plays on the monitor placed below the stand. The text can only be seen by the person speaking. This is because there is an anti-reflective coating on the rear of the mirror. An effective and versatile product when the speaker is talking to an audience and has no need to be looking into a camera. The cameraman is then able to video the speaker from many angles. The cameraman can get good angles of the speaker when he or she is not looking at the mirror. This system comes in a compact box which makes it easy for movement and setup is very quick & easy

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