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J2K Decoder/ JPEG 2000 Decoder

Make: Evertz

Model: 2430RX-J2K-IP

Evertz 2430RX-J2K-IP device is a self-contained module that accepts JPEG200 over IP streaming inputs. Versatility with regard to  JPEG2000 to HDMI/SDI/ DisplayPort processing converter makes it efficient where delivery of J2K encoded video is to be displayed on a SDI/ HDMI monitor. The device is capable does not limit to decoding rather extends to decodes, processes, and converts the output to a SDI/ HDMI Signal.  The device has features as Full 422 10bit pixel input resolution, Full 422 10bit pixel input resolution, Full 24 bit RGB output pixel resolution, Auto rescaling, Superior digital data transmission, Analog audio outputs supported, In band control supported. The device has compact form factor and comes with optional VESA mount brackets. This device can be ideal for use with high resolution LCD, plasma and projection screens as well.

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